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Mat Toenniessen

Mat Toenniessen is a broadcast professional with a diverse and eclectic background.

With a B.A. in Radio-TV-Film, and a Masters in Political Science - History, Mat has the academic credentials to talk about many things. But his real-world experiences add a tremendous ability to discuss numerous and varied topics on the radio.

Mat has worked in film and TV production in Hollywood, public and corporate relations, advertising, high school and college teaching, political writing and campaigns, NASCAR, and he can drive a Zamboni.

He started a talk show on the Villanova radio station while in Graduate school and has been on the radio in the Atlantic City, NJ market since 2008.

A renaissance man, Mat has the talent and knowledge to be able to discuss everything from politics to entertainment, current events, popular culture, social currents and relevant economic and consumer trends.

The Matworld Minute combines Mat’s background and knowledge to inform the audience of not only current news, but what to look for in the future.
A quick and informative piece that will fascinate and enthrall your audience.

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