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Flowers and breakfast in bed is not exactly what Call Me Kat star Mayim Bialik envisions on Mother's Day this weekend.  She tells ABC Audio that her perfect gift is getting some peace and quiet.

"Usually on Mother's Day, I like to be left alone," the mom of two grinned.  "I usually like to nap and take a walk and just hang out."

The Emmy nominee acknowledges she has a unique way of celebrating the holiday, noting, "It's kind of funny that most people are like, 'Let's do something together on Mother's Day!'"

If she does do any socializing, however, Mayim says she will "see my mom."

"But mostly I like quiet time," she shrugged. "I feel like that's what moms deserve!"

While alone time is great, Mayim adds that her family does give her "really good, very practical gifts" on Mother's Day.

Mayim, 45, shares teen sons Frederick and Miles with ex Michael Stone.  While her boys "are very cool" with spending the holiday with their father, the actress says they know how to make her feel loved and appreciated.

"My ex-husband picks out some pretty awesome gifts with them. I will say I really I lucked out in the ex-husband department," the Blossom alum nodded, saying the best gift they've gotten her so far was an automatic vacuum.

"They got me one of those vacuums that works on its own. It's like a robot. And that's something I never would have bought for myself. But I really do love it," gushed Mayim.  "They know I like functional gifts... So I appreciate that."  

Mayim, who recently teamed with Purina Pro Plan to help kick-off The LiveClear Challenge, also says she'll spend her big day with her three rescue kitties.

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Sacha Baron Cohen will receive the "Comedic Genius Award" at MTV's Movie & TV Awards, which air live from Los Angeles on Sunday, May 16 at 9pm Eastern time.

The Ali G and Borat creator is only the fourth recipient of the award, following his Talladega Nights co-star Will Ferrell who won the inaugural award in 2013, Kevin Hart, who won in 2015, and 2016's winner Melissa McCarthy.

The Oscar-nominated actor is also up for three separate awards that evening: Best Movie for Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, and Best Duo for that film -- with co-star Maria Bakalova -- as well as Best Performance in a Movie for The Trial of the Chicago 7.

Former SNL star and Coming 2 America co-star Leslie Jones will host the festivities, while comic and actress Nikki Glaser will host MTV Movie & TV Awards: Unscripted the following evening.

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While superstars arguably had their nest eggs to ride out the COVID-19 shut down, a new survey from working actors and others in the entertainment industry shows just how devastating the pandemic was. 

The survey from the Actors Fund, which has donated tens of millions to members in need since the pandemic began, polled 37,000 members as to how they're faring -- and for the more than 7,100 of them who responded, it's not pretty.

Of those who reached out, 76% reported loss of income during the shutdowns; 50% lost full time work, and of those, 26% say they don't know if they're getting their jobs back. Sixty-two percent reported losing part-time work in the industry; 40% said they faced food insecurity, and 28% fell behind on their rent or mortgage. 

Twenty percent of those respondents said their financial situation forced them to move; one in 10 lost their health insurance, and 10% had to sell a "large asset" like a house or car to stay afloat.

A third of those respondents were members of the BIPOC community, and they reported even higher levels of food insecurity and changes to their living situation, among other factors, compared to white respondents.

Not surprisingly, nearly 80% of those polled reported the pandemic has negatively affected their mental health.

In a statement after the report was released, the non-profit's CEO Joe Benincasa said in a statement, "The last year has exposed how vulnerable people in our community are. We need to continue to provide critical support while the industry safely returns to work, and we intend to continue to explore ways to ensure more access to our services going forward."

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Rachel Luna/Getty Images

Empire alum Gabourey Sidibe is gearing up to make her directorial feature debut, Deadline has learned. The Oscar-nominated actress will helm the psychological thriller Pale Horse.

The film, based on a story by Chris Courtney Martin, follows Naia, an esteemed, yet reclusive Black YA author who is living with MS. Naia's life suddenly turns upside down when she decides to "shelter the man who escaped captivity with her long-missing brother." Production on Pale Horse is set to begin this fall.

Meanwhile, Mike Epps and Katt Williams are joining forces for The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2. The film, which is a follow up to 2016's Meet the Blacks, will hit theaters on Friday, June 11. It will follow Epps and Williams as two feuding neighbors. The film also stars Bresha Webb, Michael Blackson, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, and others.

In other news, Erica Alexander, Derek Luke, and Sam Trammell are set to headline the upcoming EPIX film American Refugee, Deadline reports. This thriller follows a family seeking shelter in a neighbor’s bunker after the economy takes a dive and citizens now live under martial law. While there, the family see that the dangers inside are greater than the dangers outside. A release date has yet to be announced.

Finally, John David Washington has landed his next big role. According to Deadline, Washington has signed on to star in Gareth Edwards' next project True Love. The film, which is currently being kept under wraps, is being described as "a near future sci-fi story."

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Downey and Rich at 2019 Fox's Teen Choice Awards - Kevin Mazur/Fox/Getty Images for FOX

Robert Downey Jr. took to Instagram Thursday to memorialize Jimmy Rich, who had been the actor's assistant for years, and who was killed in a car accident Wednesday night.

The Iron Man star remembered Rich as a, "brother, a right hand man, an uncle to our kids and beloved by all who experienced his singular character and wit." 

Downey added, "all the fans...knew him as the man who supported every step of my recovery, life and career..."

The actor closed his post by giving his "condolences to [Jimmy's] beautiful family," adding "Peace Be Unto You."

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Disney Channel/Ron Tom

Boy Meets World actress Danielle Fishel marked her 40th birthday by announcing that she's pregnant with her second child.

"I couldn't be more grateful to enter my 40's with my amazing husband and son, excitedly expecting the arrival of baby boy #2," Fishel shared on Instagram, along with picture of her cradling her baby bump.

"I've never been more excited or hopeful for the next decade of my life," she added. "I had a beautiful childhood, teenage years I still dream about, my 20's were insane (and mostly miserable) and my 30's brought me lows and highs but eventually I leveled out to a place of security. Security in who I am, what I believe, and with whom I want to spend precious time."

Danielle didn't reveal the baby's due date.

Fishel and her husband, Jensen Karp's first child, son Adler, arrived four weeks early on June 24, 2019 after a doctor discovered fluid in his lungs during an ultrasound.

"We feel helpess [sic] and powerless and useless and we wanted so badly to follow our 'birth plan,' unsurprisingly none of which involved leaving our beautiful baby boy at the hospital for the first weeks of his life," Fishel wrote on Instagram at the time.

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Rita Moreno is counting down the days until Steven Spielberg's West Side Story remake hits theaters in December.  Moreno, who starred in the original 1961 film and won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, reveals that she plays an equally important role in the revival.

Chatting about the upcoming movie for TCM Classic Film Fest that celebrates West Side Story's 60th anniversary, the One Day at a Time star revealed more about the character she plays.

"The part that I play is based on Doc," the owner of the corner shop of which main character Tony (played by Ansel Elgort) works at, notes Moreno, via Entertainment Tonight. "Except [I play] Doc's widow, Valentina."

Continues Moreno, 89, "So, you're in for some surprises, because there are things that are done in this movie that weren't in the original, that should have."

Moreno explained that some of the big changes made her think, "Oh my god, they're doing that, huh?"

Also joining the interview was George Chakiris, who played the Shark gang's leader Bernardo in the 1961 movie musical.  He revealed that, upon learning that Spielberg would be breathing new life into the beloved movie, he felt a sense of relief.

"I absolutely expect the he will do something wonderful and that I'll love what I see him do," explained Chakiris.  "The only thing that I think is nice to remember is that he had an incredible template to work from, to make his film."

However, he hopes that the audience will respect both films for their cultural impact, explaining during the presser, "I just think that what proceeded him should be respected, that's all."

The 60th anniversary screening of West Side Story airs on Turner Classic Movies and HBO Max on May 6 at 8 p.m. ET.


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ABC/Eric McCandless)

Days after Will Smith vowed to get in the "best shape of my life,Anthony Anderson and other entertainers are also looking to lose their quarantine weight. 

On Wednesday, Anderson shared photos of his dad bod to officially accept Smith's #bigwilliechallenge. 

"So this is what we doing?" Anderson wrote in the caption. "12 weeks! No trainers! All on our own?! Challenge accepted! Let's go!"

The black-ish star also shared photos of Marlon Wayans, comedian Chris Spencer and actor Flex Alexander, who all accepted the challenge. 

"It's on and I accept the #bigwilliechallenge," Alexander wrote on his Instagram, sharing photos of his dad bod. "No Trainers, no cheating! Create your own workout plan program and meals. Let's goooo!"

Marlon Wayans went even further declaring he only needs a few months to get himself in tip top shape. "By July 23, 2021, it's gonna be sick #dadbodychallenge," Wayans wrote on Instagram.

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ABC/Craig Sjodin

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell are giving love another shot -- just out of the public eye this time.

James and Kirkconnell found love on his season of the Bachelor, but called it quits after old photos and comments from the reality star resurfaced, depicting her in unflattering instances, such as attending an antebellum plantation-themed party in 2018.

Now, the 29-year-old reality star tells the Wall Street Journal that he and Kirkconnell are working at a reconciliation.

"I think the best way to put it is that we can have critical conversations about being in this relationship and what I need in a partner -- especially if that woman isn’t Black -- to understand what comes with me and my life and being Black,” he explains.  "It’s on people who care about being allies to do the work to be truly antiracist."

Adds James, "And I think it’s unfair to leave people without the ability to unlearn and be better."

Kirkconnell, 24, confirmed to WSJ that the two were back together.

James also revealed to the publication that the only thing he and the the final three contestants -- Kirkconnell, Michelle Young or Bri Springs -- engaged in during their fantasy suite dates was conversation aimed at getting to know them better.

As for the future of The Bachelor, James' hope is that the producers are as diverse as the contestants themselves.

"If you have different people of color all across the board, it’s going to help you tell a story that’s more representative,” says James.  “If someone has never...been with someone who doesn’t look like them, they’re going to have a hard time.”


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For Stranger Things fans, the wait is over: Netflix has dropped a creepy new trailer for the hit show's fourth season. 

The action opens up in a sterile "playroom" like the kind we first saw Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven in, in the show's first season. As hospital gown-wearing kids with shaved heads play with various toys, a white-haired man in a suit strides through the hall. 

In a voice-over, he greets the children, who call him Papa -- fans know him as Dr. Martin Brenner, the former Department of Energy scientist who experimented on children, including Eleven.

As we hear Eleven's increasingly panicked breathing, he tells them, "Today, I have something very special planned for you," as the camera zooms to a door marked "11."

The shot goes black, and we hear Papa ask, "Eleven, are you listening?" 

The teaser comes long after Netflix's February 2020 snippet "From Russia With Love," which showed that David Harbour's Jim Hopper was in fact alive following Season 3's climax -- and toiling away on a chain gang in that titular country.

Production on Stranger Things' fourth season was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is likely why no release date was announced after the new teaser.

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Marvel Studios

While she stunned fans with her witchy powers as Agatha Harkness in Marvel Studios' WandaVision, Kathryn Hahn tells ABC Audio she has a real-life superpower: embarrassing her children. 

Making matters worse, the power is out of her control, she bashfully admits to ABC Audio. "I mean, I feel like I cannot open my mouth in front of my children, they won't let me when we're in public, I'm just not allowed to."

The actress is mom to 11-year-old Mae and 13-year-old Leonard Sandler, her kids with actor husband Ethan Sandler, and no matter what she does, she explains she can't impress them.

"Apparently, there's an expression like 'That's cringey.' And I said, 'That's cringe.' And it was -- I mean, the eye-rolling and the like embarrassment!" Hahn says with a laugh.  It was like they both wanted to just, like, crawl under a rock and disappear. And I...thought I was being so cool. And it was I was absolutely not."

An ubiquitous meme of Hahn as Agatha only made things worse for her connected kids, the actress laughs. "I'm sure that they like they pass by that meme of me winking just like, 'Oh my God!' [N]o one has said anything yet, but I'm sure there's a lot of quick swipes. Real quick swipes, just unspoken."  

Here's hoping Hahn manages to have a Happy Mother's Day nonetheless.

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Paramount Pictures

Fans will finally get a chance to see John Krasinski's A Quiet Place: Part II in theaters starting Friday, May 28.

Paramount has released a new trailer for the oft-pandemic-delayed movie, along with a new featurette to get fans psyched to return to the movies.

"It's very exciting to come back to theaters to see A Quiet Place II, because it was always designed for a theatrical experience," Krasinski says. "It's a much bigger movie, it's a much scarier movie [than the original]," he adds. 

Emily Blunt, his wife in real life and in the film, calls the second film "inspired," adding, "it's a horror movie. You want to watch it in the dark, and jump and leap and gasp together. I'm really excited for you guys to see it."

Meanwhile, Paramount has also announced a partnership with Cinemark Theatres for an opening night fan event to celebrate the movie's debut, held at Cinemark Playa Vista in California on Thursday, May 27th, a day ahead of the movie's nationwide debut.

The event will feature a live Q&A with director Krasinski, and comes "as part of the film's opening week Welcome Back to Cinema fanfare," says the studio.

Following the events of the blockbuster original, the sequel again has the surviving members of the Abbott family -- played by Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe -- on the run from a mysterious monster menace that hunts by sound.

But as they venture further from home, they learn those aren't the only threats they face.

Tickets to A Quiet Place Part II go on sale today.

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Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Demi Moore couldn't contain her excitement at the news of her daughter Tallulah Willis' engagement, and she shared her reaction to the news in a cute Instagram post on Wednesday.

"Congrats to my baby girl and her adorable beloved on their engagement! Happy day for the whole family," Moore captioned a photo of Tallulah and her fiancé Dillon Bass, and another of her and her other two daughters, Rumer and Scout Willis hearing the news on a FaceTime call.

Moore also re-posted both Tallulah and her future son-in-law's engagement posts to her Instagram stories.

Tallulah, 27, announced her engagement on Tuesday, showing off her new engagement ring in an Instagram video. "HANDS STILL SHAKIN’ — MOMS SPAGHETTI — I’m FIANCÉNCHED," she captioned the clip.

Willis also posted a series of photos of Bass proposing, commenting, "With absolute most certainty."

Both Rumer and Scout shared touching tributes to the the couple, whom Scout dubbed, "the first official WILLIS BROTHER."


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L-R -- Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, Adrienne Banfield-Norris/Facebook Live

Willow Smith went all out for Mother's Day.  The "Whip My Hair" singer revealed that she orchestrated the ultimate reunion for mom Jada Pinkett Smith by getting her metal band back together.

On Wednesday's Red Table Talk on Facebook Live, Willow invited Wicked Wisdom to help her with a special performance.

The 20-year-old first touched upon some of the earliest memories she has of her mom's nu metal band -- of which she was frontwoman -- and, shared some old home videos and photos, including one of her cleaning the tour bus with her brother Jaden.  

"This is the music that I grew up around," said Willow, adding she is her mom's "biggest fan" because, in her eyes, Jada is "Superwoman."  She also noted how she "wanted to ride on the security guard's shoulders to watch [my mom] perform."

"I felt it was only right or me to pay homage to a time in her life because she showed me what womaning up is about," Willow teased before spilling the beans -- she was about to step in her mother's shoes and perform with Wicked Wisdom.

Unbeknownst to Jada, crew members were hard at work setting up a concert space outside as the band waited with instruments at the ready.

"We're just hoping for that one tear," teased Willow, revealing that they were going to perform "Bleed All over Me," her favorite song.

Willow also revealed before diving into the performance that the top-secret plan had been in the works "for a couple months."

The plan to get her mother to cry was a success, as the camera cut to Jada dabbing away at some tears.  She also lip-synced along to the song and even rushed the stage to throw her arms around Willow when the performance was over.


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Washington County Sheriff's Office

Josh Duggar is being released from jail, but he won't be going home.

A judge ruled that Duggar was not a flight risk, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Western District of Arkansas tells TMZ.  However, the 19 Kids and Counting star has been turned over to third-party custodians and has to wear a GPS ankle monitor.

Josh reportedly can't have any contact with minors or possess any internet devices, but he can visit with his own minor children -- five-month old Maryella Hope, three-year-old Mason Garrett, five-year-old Meredith Grace, seven-year-old Marcus Anthony, nine-year-old Michael James, and 11-year-old Mackynzie Renée -- as long as their mother is there.

Duggar appeared via Zoom on Wednesday for a court hearing in his child pornography case, according to the gossip website.  During the hearing, a Department of Homeland Security agent claimed Josh's computer had more than 200 images involving naked minors and child sex abuse material -- some as young as five years old.

The feds cite witnesses, including friends and family, who brought up Josh's alleged addiction to porn in interviews with law enforcement.

However, when Josh's defense asked the agent if there was any evidence Duggar had viewed the alleged images, the agent said he hadn't "directly" seen Josh checking out child porn.

Duggar was arrested last week and charged with possession of and receiving child pornography. He pleaded not guilty and remains in custody. If convicted, he could face up to 40 years in prison.


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