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Why Drew Barrymore Is Determined to Be a 'Present Parent'

© Ellen von Unwerth/MORE Magazine(NEW YORK) — After a less than perfect childhood, Drew Barrymore is determined to be a very different parent than her own.

"I didn’t really have parents, you know?" the 40-year-old mother of two told the February issue of More, already on newsstands. "And therefore the kind of parent I will be is a good, present parent. In a way, maybe that was a detriment to my youth, but it’ll be the biggest asset to my adulthood."

By age 14, Barrymore was already living on her own, following two stints in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, and had written an autobiography about her tumultuous childhood with her parents, actor John Drew Barrymore, the son of film legend John Barrymore, and aspiring actress Jaid Barrymore.

Her relationship with her mother has always been complicated, though it seems to be getting better.

"[I] look after her. That is how I feel good about [our relationship]," she told More.

Barrymore, who is mom to Olive, 2, and Frankie, 9 months, has no regrets about stepping back from her acting career since the births of her daughters.

"I love the beauty industry because even on a workday I can wake up with my kids, go to work, come home, bedtime -- there’s a normal life there," said the founder of Flower Cosmetics. "And it’s exciting when you have to go on a business trip, as opposed to a film where you’re gone for months. I can’t do that right now. As you add more onto your plate, particularly family, things have to fall off, or you won’t be a good parent."

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“Empire” Viewers Can Expect a New Woman on Wednesday's Episode

Frank Micelotta/FOX(NEW YORK) — When Empire returns Wednesday night, a new woman is welcomed into the life of Lucious Lyon, the head of Empire Records, played by Oscar-nominated actor Terrence Howard.

According to E! News, viewers should "expect a new woman, Roxanne, a reporter tasked with profiling Lucious, to really hit it off with the Empire CEO." 

"Sexy banter will go down and Lucious will find the audacious and stylish Roxanne hard to resist," according to E!

The new woman may cause problems at home for the married Lyon. His wife, Anika, is portrayed by Grace Gealey.

E! adds that Lyon's ex-wife Cookie, played by Oscar-nominated actress Taraji P. Henson, is also getting a love interest. Could it be Cookie's childhood friend and songwriter, Puma, portrayed by Cuba Gooding Jr., who we were introduced to last week?

Empire, which airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. Eastern time, centers on a music mogul who doesn't have long to live, and must decide to which of his three sons he'll leave his empire.

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Scientology Documentary Claims Tom Cruise Wiretapped Nicole Kidman's Phone, Church Rejects Claims

ABC/RICK ROWELL(NEW YORK) — Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's well-publicized split after nearly 11 years of marriage is one of the subjects explored in Alex Gibney's HBO documentary, Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, and the church has wasted no time denying the claims made in the film.

The film, based on Lawrence Wright's 2013 book, delves deeply into the Hollywood couple's breakup, which was shrouded in secrecy.

According to Us Weekly, the movie alleges that after Kidman fell in love with Cruise on the set of the 1990 film Days of Thunder, she was labeled a P.T.S. or Potential Trouble Source by the Church because her father was a psychiatrist and Scientologists don't recognize the profession.

The tabloid says the documentary claims the Church went to great lengths to keep Cruise in the fold after it feared he had "drifted" away during the marriage.

According to Us Weekly, the film alleges that church head David Miscavige sanctioned a plan to "facilitate the breakup" by auditing the actor's mental state and stirring up his paranoia. One church member alleges in the film that Cruise hired a private investigator to wiretap his wife's phones.

The Church flatly denies the allegations. "The accusations made in the film are entirely false and alleged without ever asking the Church," Scientology officials said in a statement. The Church said in its statement that "free speech is not a free pass to broadcast or publish false information."

Church officials also took to task the people who participated in the film, noting in its statement that "Gibney's sources are the usual collection of obsessive, disgruntled former Church members kicked out as long as 30 years ago for malfeasance, who have a documented history of making up lies about the Church for money."

Additionally, the religion launched a Twitter account called Freedom Media Ethics and recently took out an ad in The New York Times criticizing the movie.

Cruise's attorney tells E! Online, "Tom Cruise did not hire any private investigator to spy on or investigate Nicole Kidman in any way.  Nor did he ask the Church of Scientology to do that.  Any statement to the contrary is provably false."

A rep for Kidman declined to comment on the story.

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New Season of "The Americans" Begins Wednesday Night

Frank Ockenfels/FX(NEW YORK) — The third season of The Americans premieres Wednesday night on FX at 10 p.m. Eastern time.

The critically-acclaimed period drama stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys as Russian spies living as an average American couple in the U.S.

Part of the new season will focus on their characters possibly having to turn their American-born teenage daughter into a spy as well.

Russell likes the fact that she not only plays a sleeper agent, but also a mom and wife, too. She told journalists at the recent Television Critics Association winter press tour in California, “The scenes I love the most are those emotional scenes about the complicated marriage. And then you get to go and have a day that's, like, beating dudes up outside.”

Rhys agreed, saying, “The scheduling is incredibly athletic in that you have to go from these incredibly intense emotional scenes to putting on sort of wigs and then fighting.”

For that reason, Rhys says, there’s no danger of his role becoming “dull.”

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Kevin Costner's “Black or White” Role Has Love But No Parenting Skills

"Black or White" - Relativity(NEW YORK) — Kevin Costner stars opposite fellow Oscar winner Octavia Spencer in Black or White, a drama opening in theaters this Friday.

In the film, Costner plays Elliot, a very wealthy white man who suddenly has to raise his black granddaughter by himself after his wife dies.

He explains, “This child has been raised in this home by these two grandparents, now there's one and it happens to be me and my skill set is not great. My love is great but my skill set is not.”

Elliot subsequently becomes involved in a somewhat-racially-charged custody battle with the child’s other grandmother, played by Spencer.

Anthony Mackie also stars in Black or White.

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Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy Among Actresses Possibly Cast for All-Female 'Ghostbusters'

Universal(NEW YORK) -- Now you know who to call.

Just three months after making it official that he would be directing the new Ghostbusters with an all-female cast, Paul Feig on Tuesday tweeted out a picture of four very funny ladies -- Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Saturday Night Live stars Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.

— Paul Feig (@paulfeig) January 27, 2015

The news comes after Feig, who directed Bridesmaids, tweeted in October, "It's official. I'm making a new Ghostbusters & writing it with @katiedippold & yes, it will star hilarious women. That's who I'm gonna call."



It's official. I'm making a new Ghostbusters & writing it with @katiedippold & yes, it will star hilarious women. That's who I'm gonna call.

— Paul Feig (@paulfeig) October 8, 2014

McCarthy and Wiig both famously worked with Feig on his 2011 hit Bridesmaids.

The original Ghostbusters starred Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson and Bill Murray.


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Taylor Swift's Twitter and Instagram Accounts Hacked

Lisette Azar/CBS(LOS ANGELES) -- Taylor Swift's Twitter and Instagram accounts were breached earlier Tuesday by an unknown hacker who linked back to an account that claimed to have a connection with the infamous hackers the Lizard Squad. A lewd photo was also posted.

Swift responded on her Tumblr page, saying, "My Twitter got hacked but don’t worry."

"Twitter is deleting the hacker tweets and locking my account until they can figure out how this happened and get me new passwords. Never a dull moment," she added.

She took the hack in stride and posted a funny hashtag after the message that read, "#Hackers Gonna Hack Hack Hack Hack Hack," obviously referring to her hit "Shake It Off."

Her Instagram account was hacked next and Swift wrote, "This is going to be a long day."

She hashtagged that "#This is Why I'm Scared of Technology. #Who's Paranoid Now??"

Later on, Swift responded to threats that hackers would release nude photos of her, wishing them "luck" and saying that no such photos exist.

PS any hackers saying they have 'nudes'? Psssh you'd love that wouldn't you! Have fun photoshopping cause you got NOTHING.

— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) January 27, 2015

Swift has one of the largest followings on Twitter with more than 50 million followers. She also has more than 20 million followers on Instagram.

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"Frozen" Songwriters Join Oscars Creative Team

ABC/Rick Rowell(LOS ANGELES) -- Oscar host Neil Patrick Harris revealed via Twitter Tuesday that he'll be getting some help during the upcoming broadcast from Kristen and Robert Lopez, the Oscar-winning wife-and-husband duo who penned Frozen's hit song, "Let It Go."

In a video, Harris says, "What they're doing I'm not at liberty to say. But I can tell you that it won't be a song called "Let It O" with a big giant Swarovski crystal O in the background. They'll be doing something, maybe writing during the show, who knows? Anyway I'm excited." 

Check out my Twitter video #Oscar exclusive! I gots me a scoop!

— Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH) January 27, 2015

Still, Producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron were at liberty to share -- and they revealed that the Lopezes will be writing an original musical sequence titled “Moving Pictures,” which Harris will perform.

"On the heels of the international success of last year’s Frozen and their Oscar for “Let It Go,” we couldn't be happier to have Kristen and Bobby Lopez write an incredibly special song for Neil Patrick Harris and special guests to perform this year on the Oscar stage," the producers said in a statement. "YouTube, get ready!"

The Lopezes also shared their excitement in a statement. "We love the Oscars and have always been huge Neil Patrick Harris fans, so when he asked us to write him a song for this year’s show we said, ‘Yes!’ before he could finish the sentence -- it’s possible he may have been asking us for something else," the two said. "We are having so much fun collaborating, and have even enjoyed weaving our experience as Oscar nominees into the song."

The 87th Academy Awards will air on ABC February 22.

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Tiger Woods' Missing Tooth Reappears

Scott Halleran/Getty Images(PHOENIX) — Golf star Tiger Woods has scored a hole in one -- at least when it comes to his mouth. A week after he was sporting a missing front tooth, he was photographed Tuesday in Phoenix -- with his chompers back to normal.

Woods' missing tooth made headlines last week, when he appeared to support his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn at an Alpine Skiing World Cup race.

While Vonn won her record-breaking 63rd World Cup race without a scratch, the former Olympian said Woods lost a tooth after colliding with a camera man in the finish area.

"When he was in the finish area a camera man accidentally knocked into him and took out his front tooth," she wrote on Facebook. "He was still in great spirits though and didn't complain once or ask for any special assistance or security."

Although some doubted that account, the Woods camp remained tight-lipped about it.

The injury also turned out to be short-lived with Woods showing up at Waste Management Phoenix Open Tuesday with his smile intact.

No word on if he's wearing a mouth guard next time he hits the slopes to support Vonn.

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Ousted "Bachelor" Contestant Juelia Kinney Speaks Out

ABC/Rick Rowell(NEW YORK) -- The latest contestant to be denied a rose from The Bachelor Chris Soules says she is still hopeful about finding love.

“I’m definitely going to be looking for love and just really optimistic about it,” Juelia Kinney told ABC News.

Kinney, a single mom, had previously opened up to Soules about her split from her husband, saying, "I don't understand how someone can have a child and leave them like that, and leave me."

Even though she is no longer on the show, the 30-year-old says the experience gave her time to reflect.

“For the first time since my daughter was born I had time to kind of reflect on how I feel and how I was doing,” Kinney told ABC News. “I’m sure any mothers can relate to that.”

“Through any experience there’s growing and healing and I think that, personally, it was really good for me,” she said.

Kinney was one of three women to be eliminated by Soules, 33, during Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor on ABC.

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Rebel Wilson Says Her 'Bigger' Size Is an Asset in Comedy

Universal(SYDNEY) -- Rebel Wilson thinks her supposed "bigger" frame is an asset and something that is in no way holding her back when it comes to starring in comedies like Pitch Perfect 2.

"Bigger girls do better in comedy," she told Australia's site Daily Life. "I don't know why. Maybe because people find it easier to laugh. It's very hard to laugh at someone who's very attractive, I think."

The Sydney, Australia native, 28, continued: "And normally those people don't have a great personality anyway."

Wilson is proudest of her Pitch Perfect character Fat Amy and what's she done by using her weight as a positive, not a negative.

"I took something that was seen as a disadvantage -- no one thinks, if you're fat, that you're going to be an actress and everyone's going to love you -- and turned it into a positive," she said.

Furthermore, Wilson has no plans to try and shrink down for Hollywood. She's happy the way she is.

"I do have these dreams, like, 'What if I just went to a health farm and lost 50 kilos? What would happen? Would it affect my career?' But then I think, that's never going to happen," she added.

Fans know Wilson from hits like Bridesmaids, but she eventually would like to follow in the footsteps of Jonah Hill, who moved into more serious roles and earned Oscar nods for his later work.

"I'll have to go super dark when I go dark. You don't want people to think, 'Is this Fat Amy?'" she said, referring to her Pitch Perfect character.

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Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her "Bachelor" Obsession

ABC/Fred Lee(LOS ANGELES) -- Jennifer Aniston is winning kudos from critics for her role in the film, Cake, but not everything about the actress is high-brow. When asked about her guilty TV pleasure, Aniston copped to loving The Bachelor.

"I'm not gonna lie," she told Access Hollywood. "It's junk food. It's great junk food."

Aniston, 45, has been watching this season of the ABC reality show, gushing about Jimmy Kimmel's appearance last week. However, she can't help but laugh at the women who are vying for Chris Soules' affections.

"It's a train wreck! Have you seen them?" she asked. "You can't feel bad for them. They've done that to themselves, just to entertain us."

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Christina Aguilera to Open NBA All-Star Game

Brian Bowen Smith/NBC(NEW YORK) -- Christina Aguilera has joined the entertainment lineup for this year's NBA All-Star Game, which takes place Feb. 15 in New York's Madison Square Garden.

Aguilera will open the show with what's described as a "New York-inspired performance." She'll be joined by the legendary Rockettes, the dance troupe from New York's Radio City Music Hall.

As previously reported, Ariana Grande will perform at halftime during the game.

The game airs live at 8 p.m. ET on TNT.

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Lupita Nyong'o and Jared Leto Reportedly Get Flirty at SAG Awards After-Party

Mark Davis/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) — Lupita Nyong'o and Jared Leto are stirring up dating rumors after a SAG Awards after-party Sunday where a source tells Us Weekly the two were spotted being "very flirty."

According to the eyewitness, Jared was making moves and "majorly flirting" with the 12 Years a Slave actress.

The party observer notes the Dallas Buyers Club actor "was a whirlwind,” adding, "He came in and spoke to [studio executive] Harvey [Weinstein] for a second, than raced right for Lupita.”

"He hugged her and started whispering to her quietly," adds the source, noting she was receptive to his attention and followed his lead as he "dragged her right to the dance floor."

While they were dancing, the duo was “whispering and laughing" closely together, the source tells the magazine. "At one point they were sticking their tongues out at each other and staring into each other's eyes. It was very flirty."

The eyewitness says Jared then told Lupita he had to go but to text him later.

Earlier in the evening, the pair had presented an award together at the SAG Awards.

This isn't the first time dating rumors have swirled around the two Oscar winners. While accepting a 2014 Independent Spirit Award, Leto said, "I want to thank all the women I've been with and all the women who think they've been with me," he said. "And also my future ex-wife, I'm talking to you, Lupita Nyong'o!"

The flirting continued when Nyong'o presented Leto with an MTV Award for Best On-Screen Transformation and he gushed, "That's an award in itself to get that from her.”

Meanwhile, another source tells Us Weekly, Nyong'o has split from rapper K'naan, whom she'd reportedly dated last year. Meanwhile, Leto has previously been linked to pop star Miley Cyrus.

Nyong'o will next be seen on the big screen in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens.  It opens in December.

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Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden Honeymoon in...Wyoming

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Cameron Diaz and her new husband, Benji Madden, enjoyed a honeymoon in Wyoming last week.

Us Weekly reports the couple traveled to Jackson Hole on Tuesday for a rustic-chic getaway.  A source tells the tabloid Cameron and Benji spent part of their time visiting the southern restaurant Q Roadhouse and Brewing Co. where they feasted on hushpuppies, fried chicken and jambalaya.

By Sunday, they were back on the West Coast, where they joined Madden's brother and musical collaborator, Joel Madden, his wife, Nicole Richie, and their two kids for brunch.

Diaz and Madden tied the knot Jan. 5 at her Beverly Hills home. They got engaged just before Christmas after dating for seven months.

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