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iStock/MicroStockHub(SANTA BARBARA, CA) -- Cameron Ely, the 30-year-old son of actor Ron Ely, was shot dead by police on Tuesday night at Ely's home in Santa Barbara, California.


According to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to a 911 call and found Ely's wife, 62-year-old Valerie Lundeen Ely, stabbed to death. The suspect was identified as the couple's son, Cameron Ely. When deputies found him outside the home, they determined that he posed a threat, and four deputies shot him, fatally wounding him.


Ron Ely, best known for his starring role in TV's Tarzan, was not injured. Autopsies on the victim and suspect are pending.


In addition to his role in Tarzan, which ran from 1966-68, Ely also appeared on such TV shows as Fantasy Island, Wonder Woman and the 1980s revival of Sea Hunt. He hosted the game show Face the Music and, in 1980 and 1981, replaced Bert Parks as the host of the Miss America pageant. He retired from acting in 2001, but then returned in 2014 with a role in a TV movie.


In the '90s, Ely also published two mystery novels,  Night Shadows and East Beach.

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Lionsgate/Eric Charbonneau(LOS ANGELES) -- Jada Pinkett Smith may be the next actor to board the highly anticipated sequel to The Matrix.

According to Deadline, Pinkett Smith is currently in negotiations to reprise her role in the The Matrix 4 as Niobe, the no-nonsense martial artist from Zion who appeared in both The Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions.

If confirmed, she'd join Neil Patrick Harris, Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, the latter of whom's rumored to play a young Morpheus.

The new potential role for Jada comes after the actress starred alongside Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman in the action-thriller Angel Has Fallen. In addition to film, Pinkett Smith serves as a co-host to her wildly popular Facebook Watch talk show, Red Table Talk, alongside her daughter Willow Smith and mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris.

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Freeform/Image Group LA(NEW YORK) -- Margot Robbie and director Cathy Yan recently raised eyebrows with their trailer for their upcoming Suicide Squad spin-off Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn.

ABC Audio wanted to know what another Harley Quinn -- that is, Kevin Smith's actress daughter, Harley Quinn Smith -- thought of the promo for the big-screen adventure of her comic book and cinematic namesake.

"[I] can't wait. I think it looks perfect in every way," the co-star of her dad's brand-new film Jay and Silent Bob Reboot said, confessing she'd watched it 20 times in a row when the trailer dropped earlier this month.

"Did you cry?" Smith asked, to which Harley confessed, "I cried every time I watched it."

Smith added of the trailer, "Seeing it well done -- seeing Harley with her hyena, it was pretty like, 'Oh, my lord, I can't believe [it].' You gotta remember, she debuted in the in the Batman: The Animated Series, like what? 25 years ago at this point? So to see like imagery that I saw when I was a kid now coming to life on the big screen is pretty magical."

Apparently, Harley Quinn Smith was equally emotional when she met Margot Robbie in person, most recently at the premiere for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in Los Angeles: "I wasn't gonna say anything because...I cried in front of her over how much I loved her."

"At the Suicide Squad premiere. Yeah, that was pretty embarrassing," her dad recalled.

"That was really embarrassing," Harley agreed, saying her more recent encounter was much better. "She was like, 'Hi, Real Harley!' I was like, 'OK, I can die now.'"

Birds of Prey, which also stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Ewan McGregor, opens February 7.

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Photo credit: Eric Ray Davidson/Esquire(LOS ANGELES) -- If you're into Jason Momoa, head on over to You can tell people it's "just for the article" about the hulking Aquaman star who graces the November issue, but the informative interview is framed by dreamy gifs of the 6'4" actor: the cover video snippet shows him staring into the camera as he strokes a kitten; another has him emerging from a hot tub, shirt soaked and transparent; in another, the former Game of Thrones star is exposing his chest, and hunched over an ironing board.

And if that's not irresistible enough, Momoa, 40, enthuses about a puppy he's raising, and talks about his "dream girl," wife Lisa Bonet, who's 51: "literally my childhood crush," the actor blushes, adding, "I mean, I didn't tell her that. I didn't let her know I was a stalker until after we had the kids." The pair have two children, son Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa, and daughter Lola Iolani Momoa.

The author of the piece, Rachel Syme, describes Momoa's run-in with a broken elevator, and confesses wanting to "hug" the self-deprecating star, whom she paints as "just a dude who takes bubble baths and razzes his friends and snuggles random dogs."

Amid the cuteness, Momoa does in fact talk shop, including his work on the AppleTV show See -- "The biggest pilot they ever shot" -- and his work as the King of Atlantis in the Aquaman series. "I came in with a big pitch," he says of the upcoming movies. "I came in with the whole thing mapped out, and they loved it."

The November issue of Esquire is on newsstands October 22.

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Netflix(NEW YORK) -- (NOTE LANGUAGE) Netflix has released the first trailer for Arsenio Hall's highly anticipated comedy special Smart & Classy.

In the new promo, Hall jokes about the pressure to keep it "classy" -- and being mistaken for Blade star Wesley Snipes.

"Oh s***, when I first started stand-up, my comedy hero used to always say, 'A smart classy comic doesn't have to curse,'" Hall is seen telling the crowd.

He then delivers the punchline: "And I used to say, 'Okay, Mr. Cosby.'"

As previously mentioned, this project is Hall's first stand up comedy special for Netflix. He previously appeared in Adam Sandler’s Netflix film Sandy Wexler.

According to Netflix, Smart & Classy will feature Hall talking about today's political climate, what it was like to win Celebrity Apprentice, getting older, his favorite drug and the classic movie Coming to America, whose sequel he's starring in, along with Eddie Murphy.

Smart & Classy hits Netflix on October 29.

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ABC/Randy Holmes(NEW YORK) -- While Joaquin Phoenix's take on the Clown Prince of Crime is currently raking it in at the box office worldwide, another person who's played the Joker is weighing in.

Even with Phoenix currently filling the role, Star Wars star Mark Hamill remains fan favorite for voicing the flamboyant villain for years on Batman: The Animated Series, and in best-selling video games.

Calling Joker "The Hamlet of villains," Hamill tells ABC Audio what makes the character so fun to play.

"The Joker is endlessly fascinating to me because he's insane and because he's insane, he's unpredictable and because he's unpredictable he's never boring," Hamill says.

"Every time I got behind the wheel of that clown car -- it's liberating! Because you can do all these horrible things..." he adds, with his famous Joker laugh, "...and you don't have to take responsibility for them. But I miss the guy."

Hamill says that particularly as a voiceover artist, Batman's nemesis was a blast to play. "If you're not seen, you can really just just let it all fly. And you know, I would say, 'Was that too big?' And then people would go, For the Joker? No! Of course not!'"

Hamill then adds, in his Joker voice, "Oh, good!" 

Director Todd Phillips and star Joaquin Phoenix's Joker has so far earned $548.2 million worldwide.

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Lucasfilm(LONDON) -- Well, it certainly took a while, but some words that were first heard in 1977's Star Wars have finally been enshrined in the Oxford English Dictionary.

The tome just introduced "Jedi," as follows: "In the fictional universe of the Star Wars films: a member of an order of heroic, skilled warrior monks who are able to harness the mystical power of the Force."

On a related note, although "Force" had been previously OED-verified, this "mystical universal energy field" is now also complimented with the new entry "Mind trick," as in the power of suggestion Force users can employ on the weak minded of certain species. "See also Jedi," the OED notes on that front.

Other additions include "padawan," which is a Jedi apprentice being taught by a master -- which only came into Star Wars canon in 1999, with Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace -- as well as "lightsabre."  The OED defines it as, "a weapon resembling a sword, but having a destructive beam of light in place of a blade."

It should be noted that the spelling of that "elegant weapon, from a more civilized age" as Obi-Wan Kenobi described it, is given its British spelling in the OED. It has always been referred to as "lightsaber" in the U.S.

Take a look for yourself online.

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NBC(LOS ANGELES) -- The final season of NBC's Will & Grace, originally slated for a midseason start, has been rescheduled for Thursday, October 24, 9:30 p.m. ET, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It replaces the Kal Penn comedy Sunnyside, which drew the lowest ratings of any first-year show on the Big Four networks thus far this season. 

After one more airing this Thursday, The network will air the remainder of the Sunnyside on, the NBC app and other digital platforms. 

Will & Grace, entering its 11th season, and third since it was revived in 2017, will run for 18 episodes.  Sean Hayes, Eric McCormack, Debra Messing and Megan Mullally star.

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Walt Disney Records(NEW YORK) -- As more and more TV shows and movies are leaked, Kristen Bell decided to do the honors herself in regards to Frozen II, one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2019.

Bell posted an Instagram video of her character, Princess Anna, leaping over canyons and scaling rocks as her song "The Next Right Thing" plays in the background.  Bell is heard singing, "Just do the next right thing, take a step, step again, it is all that I can, to do the next right thing."  

However, fans will have to wait a while before hearing the full version of the song. The Frozen II soundtrack drops November 15.  

As for the movie itself, the cast raved about the film after sitting down for a private screening.  

Jonathan Groff, who voices Kristoff, recorded his reaction and sent it to his fellow cast-members. "It's so freaking incredible and mature and complex and hilarious and emotional!" he gushes while grinning widely.

His reaction was reposted to Instagram by Josh Gad, who voices Olaf, because "Jonathan doesn’t yet know Twitter or Instagram exist."  Bell shared the video to her Instagram, as well.

Frozen II arrives in theaters on November 22.

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Trae Patton/NBC(NEW YORK) -- The battle rounds continued on Tuesday night's The Voice, with artists from Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Gwen Stefani's teams faced off against their respective teammates for the chance to advance to the knockout rounds.

Each coach enlisted the help of a guest adviser during rehearsals: Darius Rucker for Team Blake; Normani for Team Kelly; Usher for Team Legend; and for Team Gwen.

Here are Tuesday's highlights:

Injoy Fountain and Alex Guthrie, representing Team Kelly, went head-to-head with each other on "Home," by Cash Cash, featuring Bebe Rexha. Kelly's adviser, Normani, said the contest came down to Injoy's "charisma," versus Alex's "unique bluesiness." Following their performance, Blake felt Alex could've been a little more aggressive. John agreed, saying Guthrie was a great technical singer, but his personality didn't come across. Both coaches gave the round to Fountain, who seemed to be having fun on stage. Kelly saw things differently though, and declared Alex the winner. Injoy was sent home.

Next up was Team Gwen's Alise Azkoul battling Myracle Holloway on Ariana Grande's "breathin."  Gwen's adviser,, sized the two artists: Myracle had the "chops," but didn't realize "how empowered she is." Likewise, Alise is "an Audi next to a Bugatti next to an Audi and doesn't realize it's the same engine."  Kelly marveled at Alise's control, while describing Myracle's voice as "pure heart." Blake felt both had great moments, but gave the edge to Holloway.  Legend loved Myracle's tone, but thought she needed to take more risks.  The decision was Gwen's though, and she chose Holloway for her "special gift."  Alise was sent packing.

Finally, John Legend chose Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" for the night's last match-up, which featured Katie Kadan and Destiny Raine duking it out. The song, he explained, had both tender and powerful moments, giving both singers a chance to showcase their skills.  The performance drew a standing ovation from all four coaches, all of whom agreed the battle was a toss-up.  While praising both singers for a "thrilling" performance, Legend chose Katie, who moved on to the next round. Destiny was sent home -- or so we thought.

After thanking Legend and giving him a hug, Blake and Gwen both pressed their buzzers, touching off a battle royale between the two lovebirds.  Blake applauded Destiny for stepping up against a tough opponent and and "blowing the roof off the place."  When he bragged about winning the show "more seasons than Gwen has been a coach," Stefani replied, "He may have the most wins, but I've had the longest career."

"So true," said Raine, who picked Gwen as her new coach.

Also advancing to the knockout rounds on Tuesday were Team Legend's Matt New ousting Max Boyle, and Team Blake's Cali Wilson besting EllieMae.

The battle rounds continue when The Voice returns Monday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.


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Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.(NEW YORK) -- It's the moment many fans have been waiting for: Jennifer Aniston has officially joined Instagram.

Aniston shocked the internet on Tuesday morning by posting an epic group photo along with the Friends cast on one of social media's biggest platforms.

"And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too. HI INSTAGRAM," she wrote in her caption.

Since releasing her initial post, Aniston has already received over 2.3 million likes and has already gained more than 261,000 followers in a matter of hours.

In Aniston's bio, she writes, "My friends call me Jen," and she currently follows under 100 people that include notables such as Michelle Obama, Kate Hudson, and Adam Sandler.

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HBO Max(NEW YORK) -- Grease, the 1978 movie musical starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, is getting a 1950s-set spin-off for HBO Max called Grease: Rydell High.

“It's Grease 2.0 but with the same spirit, energy and excitement you immediately think of when you hear any of these iconic songs," says Sarah Aubrey, head of content at HBO Max in a statement. "Grease is an iconic pop-culture phenomenon that works for every generation, and I'm thrilled that our friends at Paramount were excited about the idea of opening up the show and putting it on a larger canvas for a weekly series."

WarnerMedia Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt described the series as, "basically a High Shcool Musical  kind of experience that will be a big fun rock and roll musical."

Rydell High will center on the same school that Travolta's Danny and Olivia Newton-John's Sandy attended, but will focus on new characters -- though the producers say "some familiar characters" will appear.
On a related note, Newton-John's famous black leather jacket and skin-tight pants worn in the blockbuster film, as well as an original script from the film, will hit the auction block tomorrow, along with pieces from the Grammy winner's video for "Physical," and her film Xanadu, all benefiting the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre.

Some of the pieces, nearly 500 in her collection, will be displayed Wednesday at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York's Times Square. 

Check out the offerings at Julien's

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ABC Audio(NEW YORK) -- Ahead of her Apple TV drama series, See, co-starring Jason Momoa, Alfre Woodard is reflecting on another one of her dramas: her Netflix film Juanita.

The film followed Woodard as the titular character, a woman who tries to reinvent herself after she gets fed up with taking care of her grown children.  Even though it was a drama, Juanita provided Woodard with a way to flex her comedic skills, an opportunity which the actress tells ABC Audio she readily welcomed.

She laughs, "My husband wrote that for me. Because he... knows me. He and my children know me and yeah... Juanita and I, we definitely could go to Bella Noche."  Bella Noche is the bar Juanita frequents in the movie.

The film, which came out in March, is based on a book by Sheila Williams called Dancing on the Edge of the Roof. Woodard, who also served as an executive producer on the film, says she definitely interested in getting more projects that allow her to show her humorous side on screen.

"I am a literate person, so if anybody's got great books like Sheila Williams, then, you know, talk to me about them," she says. "You want to see me-- if you want me to make you laugh, I will.  Just send me the script." 

Meanwhile, See will be available on Apple TV on November 1. Juanita is currently streaming on Netflix.

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ABC/Image Group LA(LOS ANGELES) -- Oscar-nominated actress Felicity Huffman, who pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the massive "Varsity Blues" college entrance scandal that ensnared her and dozens of parents, reported to a Northern California prison on Tuesday to begin serving a 14-day sentence, according to her representative.

Huffman, 56, reported to the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California, about 25 miles southeast of Oakland, according to a statement released to ABC News by her spokesman.

Huffman was sentenced in September by Boston federal court Judge Indira Talwani after the actress pleaded guilty earlier this year to a charge of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud.

"Ms. Huffman is prepared to serve the term of imprisonment Judge Talwani ordered as one part of the punishment she imposed for Ms. Huffman's actions," reads the statement from her representative.

"She will begin serving the remainder of the sentence Judge Talwani imposed -- one year of supervised release, with conditions including 250 hours of community service -- when she is released."

The former Desperate Housewives star was also ordered to pay a fine of $20,000.

She had been given until Oct. 25 to report to prison. Her representative did not explain why Huffman decided to begin serving her sentence now.

Huffman -- who was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in the 2005 film Transamerica -- pleaded guilty on May 13 and acknowledged she paid $15,000 to arrange for a college entrance exam proctor to correct her daughter Sophia's SAT answers and for her daughter to be allowed more time to take the test.

On March 13, a federal indictment was unsealed with charges for 50 people, including Huffman and more than 30 other wealthy parents, in the largest college cheating scam ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice.

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Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney(NEW YORK) -- Zoe Kravitz has signed on to play Catwoman in Matt Reeves’ upcoming film The Batman, and Michelle Pfieffer, who famously played the character in 1992's Batman Returns, tells Good Morning America that she's "so excited" for the actress. 

The Maleficent sequel star also imparted a key piece of advice for her successor. 

"Make sure whilst designing the costume they consider how you'll go to the bathroom," Pfieffer said to laughs. "Minor detail, but an important one."

The Big Little Lies star Kravitz will star opposite Robert Pattinson as Batman.  She reportedly beat out Deadpool 2 veteran Zazie Beetz, Tomb Raider's Alicia Vikander and Baby Driver's Eiza Gonzalez for the role of the anti-heroine and occasional love interest of the Caped Crusader. 

Incidentally, The Batman won't be Kravitz's first role in a superhero franchise -- she played the baddie Angel in 2011's X-Men: First Class.

Zoe will next be seen in the upcoming Hulu series High Fidelity, launching later this year.  The Batman is scheduled to hit theaters June 25, 2021.

Pfieffer will be seen opposite Angelina Jolie in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, opening Friday from Disney, the parent company of ABC News.

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